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Here are some tips on what you should do to establish and maintain a good credit history:

  • Pay your bills on time.

  • Try to pay your bills in full by the due date. If you aren't able to do this, pay at least the required minimum amount shown on your monthly credit card statement.

  • Contact your creditors if you are having trouble making payments.

  • Make sure that your monthly account statement is correct.

  • Read the statements and other material you receive from your credit card company carefully. Keep up to date on any fee increases or changes in your card's terms and conditions.

  • Deal with companies you know and trust.

  • Get a copy of your credit report from all three credit-reporting agencies at least once a year and make sure they are accurate.

Here are some tips on what you should avoid:

  • Don't accept or use any form of credit until you understand and are comfortable with its terms and conditions, to avoid any misunderstandings between you and the credit issuer.

  • Don't wait to report any unauthorized transactions on your account. Contact your credit issuer immediately if your statement arrives with transactions you do not recognize.

  • Don't go over the credit limit on your credit card.

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